Good news just doesn't know when to stop! 

As we're about to finish our first successful month in the web hosting industry, we'll be welcoming big changes to prepare us better for the coming months. The changes will be as follows. 

Brand New Site Design 
While we already did redesign our site just recently on the last announcement, a lot of our clients reportedly experienced a few bugs that affected their experience somewhat. We decided to address it by redesigning from scratch, towards a more minimal approach that's based on WHMCS's official theme — a decision that favors stability, user experience, and familiarity. If you've noticed any bugs, please do inform us by opening a ticket. 

Brand New Reseller Packages 
We've been planning to offer these for quite some time now, and have finally decided to start offering reseller packages for clients with bigger needs. Our packages were arranged to offer better and affordable upgradability. We'll be offering an Unlimited Reseller Hosting package too, to parallel our ever popular Unlimited Web Hosting

Our standard reseller packages are perfect for clients that want to be more economical. Also, in lieu of the changes in the site, our standard web hosting packages have been moved over to their own page — a move aimed to highlight and isolate our bestselling unlimited web hosting package. 

Now Accepting Bitcoins 
People asked for it, and now we offer it. We now accept payments using BTC, or the altcoins LTC and DOGE. 

More Social 
We've been slowly integrating our social networking accounts to promote and inform users about our service. We'll step it up a notch soon in order to boost our presence in the web. Having said so, you know the drill! 

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More Articles Soon 
This coming September, our team will now be focusing on phase 2 of our site overhaul where we add more useful articles on our knowledgebase. Expect more articles soon that would definitely help your experience a better one. 

More Promos! 
Running this web hosting service, we've noticed that apparently people drool over promos. That's why we've been cooking up some great promos for the following months! Are you excited? We are! 

We believe August has been a great start for us. September and the following months will definitely top that. 
It only gets better from here. Stay tuned!

Allen Guarnes 
Founder of MereHosting

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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