MereHosting was first launched on August 1, 2015, which aimed to be an affordable option among hundreds of existing web hosting services. Unlimited web hosting was, and is, first and foremost the host's main offering along with cheaper packages for more choice and practical needs. As of August 26, 2015, in preparation for the web host's 2nd month of service, the web host has begun rolling out reseller packages for people looking for a more powerful service. In the forefront of the reseller hosting service is the unlimited reseller package. Following the web host's existing web hosting package patterns, reseller packages are also offered in cheaper and more practical variants. On the same day, Cryptocurrencies have begun to be accepted due to its demand and popularity among netizens.

Why "MereHosting"?

The main focus of the name is "mere". While seemingly negative and apathetic to hear at first, the heart of the decision to use "mere" as our respresentative name came from the vision to provide a focused-driven service. While hosting may not necessarily be the web host's only service (as domain names are also offered, albeit not promoted as aggressively), the focus is mainly and will always be on hosting. To say mere is to show the confidence to produce results.


38 Walnut Street
Cainta, Rizal
Philippines 1900


Email: support@merehosting.com
Skype: merehosting.support

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